Ten On Tuesday – 10 Favorite Childhood Movies

I’ve chosen movies I actually saw as a child, not nescessarily in the theater, and not the year they came out.  As an adult I’ve seen movies produced during the years of my childhood but not seen back then so I did not include those here.

And here they are in no particular order…..

  1. Annie – This was the very first movie I can ever remember seeing in a theater.  Can I just tell you, I had THE BIGGEST crush on Tim Curry from that film?  I used to shout out my bedroom window (which was of course, at the front of our home) “I love you, Rooster!!”
  2. E.T. – This came out the year my daddy died.  It was pretty powerful for the grownups and super-exciting for me!  “I have absolute power, yeah!”
  3. The Goonies – Ahh… I have fond memories of pulling out a blanket and curling up with chili dogs (the kind with chili inside them!) on rainy days (just like the one in the movie!) and going ga-ga over Sean Astin.
  4. FOOTLOOSE – Drool…. can’t…. say…. more…. drool… everywhere…. electrocution…. imminent….
  5. Ghostbusters – “I…. AM…. ZOOOOOOL”
  6. La Bamba – I was into tragedies for a little while there.  And temporarily scared of flying.
  7. Big – When I was 12, I went to visit my aunt and uncle in Manhattan.  They took me to FAO Schwartz and I got to see the piano from the movie. 
  8. Flight of the Navigator
  9. Adventures in Babysitting – “Don’t EFF with the Lords of Hell!”, “Oh yeah?  Don’t EFF with the babysitter!!!”
  10. Spaceballs – “May the schwartz be with you.”

Apparently not only did I watch large amounts of television as a child, but quite frequently went to the movies.  I was having trouble remembering movies from the 80’s that I might have seen in the 80’s, so I found a website that lists movies by the year they came out.  I learned two things from those lists:  1.  I think my family single-handedly funded much of those box office reciepts during those years, and 2.  There were a LOT of “s*x comedies” back then!  LOTS!  Kind of scary…


4 thoughts on “Ten On Tuesday – 10 Favorite Childhood Movies

  1. Heh. I love the movie Big. We tried to do Heart and Soul on the big piano in FAO Schwartz, but it didn’t really work. It was fun nonetheless.

    Fun movies…man, you are a lot younger than I thought you were…well, if these are your childhood movies.

    I think my parents are WAY older than you. XD

  2. The scary thing is that re-watching these movies as an adult can be a bit frightening.
    I remember most of these movies too, although my mom was extremely careful about what we watched, and I saw most of them on video instead of the theatre.

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