Stealing from MySpace

Okay this is called FIRST REACTION… type what comes to your mind first whenever you hear these 40 words. Don’t think and don’t go back and change. Doesn’t matter how random just type it! Repost it for all of your friends.

1. Beer:  Pee

2. Anorexic:  I take the fifth. 

3. Relationship:  Yes

4. West Virginia:   Mountain Mama

5. Power Rangers:  Trash

6. Weed:  Love to!

7. Air Freshener:  Addicted to Method “Fresh Grass” 

8. Smoking:  Sick.

9. The President:  Is done. 

10. Cars:  Loved it!

12. Gas Prices:  What a biyotch! 

13. Halloween:  Hmm… love it…

14. Nipple Rings:  Last Comic Standing

15. Religion:  Mormon

16. MySpace:  Giving it up for Facebook. 

17. Worst fear:  Widowed.

18. Marriage:  Fun.

19. Paris Hilton:  Got my beach house. 

20. Brunettes:  Bore.

21. Redheads:  Evil.

22: Politics:  Should be outlawed. 

23: Pass the time:  Watch it go by.

24: Perfume/Colgone:  Looking for my signature fragrance.

25: Cell Phone:  THANK GOD!!!

26. Tongue Rings:  Ouch. 

27.  Gotta check it if it’s real?

28: Vanilla Ice cream:  Good base.

29: Best Friends:  Never have enough.

30: High school: You bet!

31. Pajamas:  Old holey t-shirt.

32. Boys:  Suck.

33. Wet Socks:  NasT.

34. Alcohol:  Sometimes I think about the drink. 

35. Saying I love you:  Never say it enough but you can say it too much.

36. Emo:  Waste of space.

37. Money:  is fantastic!

38. Headache:  is why they make vicodin. 

39. Love:  Will keep us together.

40. The time?:  1:01 a.m. (Don’t tell!)


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