So, since the Catholics dropped their Limbo, my life seems to have taken it up.  Not really going forward, not really going backward, just… ???

There seems to be this weird vortex that surrounds my life.  Since there’s been one less child this last week, I’ve had 100% less to clean up than normal which leaves me to… what? 

I can’t go shopping any more.  I finally hit bottom and turned the finances over to the hubs.  I dropped out of the MOMS Club because the kids have basically outgrown it, and they weren’t having any activities anyway.  They’re on a brief summer vacation, so when we return from our trip down south next week they’ll jump right into school.  Then little dude doesn’t start preschool until August, and then what?  There isn’t enough time for me to take a class in the afternoon.  I want to in the morning, but there’s too much other stuff with schedules going on for that.  I thought I’d take up quilting again, but… I really need my own space for that.

So what do I do?

OH yeah… I can start cooking again.  Well, that’s good.  And I’ll have more time to make things nice for when everyone’s home from school.  That works.  See, I just needed to spit it all out to get the ideas flowing.



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