Oh Yeah, This Needed A Title!

 Hey!  I just figured out how to use different fonts here.  Yay, me!  And in one of my favorite colors, no less.  WOO HOO!!!  Oh crap, it didn’t work.  I thought when it said I could paste from WORD that it would carry over my cool font, too!  Oh, well.

I decided to share a little more about myself, because you can never know too much about me.  Ok, maybe you can, but let’s not go there. 

There are some things that I really love about myself and my life.  I really love living here.  Not just in California, but in this town.  I like that I have friends here.  Good friends.  I love how close we are to so many cool things.  Like the cowboy museum in Oakdale, and the water park in Ripon.  Just a few hours from Yosemite, the beach, camping, all kinds of cool stuff!  I love the smell of the trees, the dirt when it’s been freshly tilled… but not when it’s been freshly fertilized.  I could do without that scent.  I love that I don’t use the paper or plastic sacks at the grocery store, I use my own.  And when I was at Target today, I saw that they’re getting into that scene, too, so now I feel comfortable bringing my own bags there as well.  Although, I really do love their plastic bags.  They are FABULOUS trash can liners for little cans in your bedroom & bath.  I’m proud of the fact that even though taking our recycling in is a pain in the ass, I do it.  Living in an apartment, they’re not too keen on complying with that mandatory recycling laws we have here.  But I took the time to hunt down some good bins to keep in my kitchen, and I’ve finally drilled it into everyone’s head that we recycle whatever we can, even if we don’t get money back from it!

I’m grateful that we live in a time and place where we can eat really well.  And by that, I don’t mean that we eat a lot, I mean that we eat really good food.  All that fresh produce and whole grain available to us… how could we not?  I feel happy with my level of involvement in politics at the executive level, and I want to be more involved at the local level but it seems pretty much like the good ol’ boys club here.  I love that I take my kids to the movies every Tuesday and Wednesday morning during their summer vacation, and that they have swimming lessons.  I think B and S will start tae kwon do when that’s over.  We’ll see.

I love that my husband has a job that is so family friendly.  ( I have a theory that teachers are so underpaid and not treated as the professionals that they are because it didn’t cost them enough money to go to school.  They don’t have the school debt that doctors and lawyers do so it’s assumed that they don’t deserve the big bucks that they deserve.)  He leaves at a reasonable hour, has the shortest commute of anyone’s husbands I know, and gets home 2 hours before all my friends husband’s do.  His principal and colleagues are also super friendly and supportive of each other.  How great is that?

I love being in school.  I still look for any excuse not to go to class, but really, I don’t want to miss it.  So I’m glad that I end up there anyway, because it just wouldn’t feel right if I weren’t there.  I wanted to have my degree by the time I turn 40, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be okay with taking more than one class at a time.

For the first time in history, my mental health is pretty good.  My down times or down days are so few and far between, I can’t even say that I have one once a month anymore.  That is such a relief… to have that burden lifted from me and taken off my shoulders so that I can enjoy life like a “normal” person is more than anything I could’ve asked for.

I love that I read so many books!  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my t.v. shows, but I love summer when it’s all over and I feel free to go on reading binges.  Man, I could go on forever about how many things I love and feel good about, but one little boy just is fighting to stay awake so I will come and put his covers on him.  Every other minute I hear, “Are you ready yet?” because I had told him I had to finish writing this before I could do that for him.  Don’t worry, I’m not a horrible mom.  We’d already had family prayer and “mommy tucks”.

So I guess I’ll go and do that Mom thing that I do so well, and bid you all adieu.  I hope you sleep well and dream good dreams like me.


3 thoughts on “Oh Yeah, This Needed A Title!

  1. Wow. I’m so happy for you that you’re in a great place right about now. That’s always something to feel good about.

    Hell, missy you’re living the perfect suburbia life! Lol, jk.

    Yeah, my arm is finally starting to feel back to normal now…except my dad grabbed it a little too roughly last night and it still feels as if I have the flu–body aches and stuffy nose, constant headache…ugh, all this for just a shot!

    Yes, I’m knocking on every piece of wood in sight for you…look where you’re stepping and avoid those rusty nails! Because even if everything seems all right, I read that if you go to the hospital for something like that, they inject you up with Tetanus vaccinations right away. NOT FUN.

    I’d reccommend getting it though, just for peace (piece?!? Idk) of mind…and the Guardisil one that prevents HPV isn’t all that bad to have either.

    Holy crap, this is a long comment…lol

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