On Sallygirl

TIME OF DAY: The morning when it’s quiet, the afternoon when it’s quiet, and the evening when I can see the stars.

DAY OF THE WEEK: Wednesday.  It’s grocery day!

SEASON: Yikes, all of them.  Ok, except winter.  Can Christmas be its own season?  I love the spring when everything is new and smells so fresh, I love the summer when we make trips to the beach with the S family, I love the fall when it gets cool and we make our annual trip to Apple Hill on opening day when nothing’s really open on opening day but it’s still fun.

HOLIDAY: My birthday.  I give pretty rockin’ birthday parties for myself, even though I couldn’t this year.  Banana gave me one, instead.

BEACHES: 2 hours in that direction.  Planning to retire there.

SONG:  “Welcome to Wherever You Are” by Bon Jovi.

FLOWER:  Everyone should have them.  I love dahlias, bouganvilla, sunflowers, daisies, lilies of the valley, whatever I can get on the table!

TALK SHOW: The Spew and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

MOVIE:  “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl”.  I love all three, of course, but number one was the funniest, by far!

SOAPS: Desperate Housewives

BEVERAGE: Water, room temp.  Or cold.  Whatever.  It used to be Coke, but I really am giving up soda.  Again.

FRUIT: Strawberries, baby!

SNACK: Hard cooked egg whites, lightly salted, with buttered toast.  Or Knudsen’s cottage cheese (from the pink tub only!) with Honey Nut Shredded Wheat (not frosted mini wheats!).  And cold grapes.  Or sliced banana.

FOOD: Oh, all of it, except with dill or mayonnaise (Best Foods ONLY, btw) as a major ingredient.

RESTAURANT: The Olive Garden.  That soup, salad & breadsticks gets me every time.  Ok, the fettucini alfredo doesn’t hurt either.
**Let me know if you play, I’ll pop over!


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