Out of allllllllllll the crap that your kids bring home from school, how do you know what to save?   

Because, I have nothing from my school days, and I really don’t care. 

I’ve tried saving just a few select pieces, but when you times that by allllllll year long and three kiddies… yikes!  It’s too much!!  And I’m all for having the least amount of crap as possible.  In fact, I’ve been itching to go on a “Crap Purge” of the apartment.  I may not be able to keep the genie in the bottle until Monday!

So how do you do it?  And what do you do with the rest?


6 thoughts on “Saved?

  1. It certainly isn’t easy to pick & choose what to keep & what to toss. I save a test paper, progress reports & an art; the rest (as hard has it is) I toss.

  2. I save only original work – stories and art and such – and report cards.

    I still have a huge box of crap and they are only 6 and 8! I definitely feel ya pain!

  3. I’m too cynical for scary movies. Sure, I jump with the rest of ya, but I always make fun of the bad guy. My little sister and I have this running joke about picking up the phone now–

    “Who is this? Why are you calling?”

    “Eeesss ROSA, the housekeepah!”

    “Hello? I hear you. Are you there?”

    “Yes dahlin, eeess steel ROSA!!!”

  4. I read an idea somewhere that I liked. Get a pizza box, unused, from a pizza place. Save only what will fit inside. One per year. I’ve also seen people scan the art and save it that way. I am too lazy. I just have piles of school crap lying around!

  5. I know what you mean. I can’t believe how many peices of paper I have that my son just took a marker to. I’m not sure he’ll even appreciate them as an adult, but I’m somewhat sentimentally attached to them… for now.

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