MySpace Is Better Than A P.I.

A zillion years ago when I was in high school, I had a wonderful, wonderful guy friend.  Sometime in the general direction of after graduation, he came out to me on my front porch one evening.  Of course I was devestated because I was sweet on him, but isn’t that the way life is?

So anyway, he went up to Logan for college and did a stint at some camp place in or near Yellowstone, and that was the last I ever heard from him.  I was hurt when he didn’t come to my wedding reception (yes, I noticed!) and eventually found out that he’d moved to Baltimore.

Let’s just gloss over the little stalking expedition I went on and fast forward to today. 

So, I’m trolling myspace this morning doing a search for all my gal pals in town when I decide to punch in his name.  You’ll never guess whose profile came up first!  I couldn’t believe it.  I also wasn’t completely sure it was him because he’s back where I knew him and I just never in a million years figured he’d be back there.  But it was him.  And I’m so glad.  It would be great to renew our friendship, but maybe I’m part of a life he doesn’t recognize anymore.  What’s important is I know that he’s safe and he seems to be really happy and successful.


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