Deflating the Ego

Step 1 – Listen to your friends when they tell you to run for President of the MOMS Club because they hate how it’s gone downhill as much as you do.

Step 2 – Run for president.

Step 3 – Go vote and hang around until the counting of the votes, visiting with all your friends you haven’t seen in awhile.

Step 4 – Say congrats to the girl who won, but you wish hadn’t, and as you leave take note that the friends who got you to run weren’t there voting today.

Step 5 – Go to the new Dollar Depot and find out that just about everything there is more than a dollar.

Step 6 – Go home and feel sad-ish and bummed that you didn’t win, but also feel relief because now you can hang out with your other moms group as planned this summer.

El Fin.


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