Hoist The Colours

I had THE BEST pre-birthday celebration yesterday!  Bananarama and her family had us all over and she made me the most fabulous potato salad I’ve ever had.  Of course, it’s also the only potato salad I’ve ever had, but that’s because I have a strict no-mayo-in-my-salad rule.  This one, did not have mayo in it.  It had all manner of yumminess that did not require the foul white substance!  You should visit her website HERE  in a couple of days where I bet she’ll post the recipe.  We also had some fabulous grilled chicken and corn on the cob, which I shucked because I’m so anal about making sure EVERY LAST SILK is plucked off the ear. 

Then we picked up some poor, unsuspecting young woman from their ward to watch all six of our kids while we went to see “Pirates 3”, which is also three hours long.


Now that I’ve had some time to digest it and savor how thoroughly enjoyable it was, I am sad it’s all over.

Or is it?

Afterwards we headed back to rescue the sacrificial sitter and had the most fabulous lemon cake with tangerine/pomegranite sherbet, which makes for a fabulous frosting if you let it melt into a puddle around your piece of cake!

 Well, I think I can die happy now.  Excepting that my birthday is actually tomorrow, so I think I’ll wait.  After all, Grandma A sent me a check for this purse I’ve been eyeing over at my favorite neighborhood Target….



3 thoughts on “Hoist The Colours

  1. Oh, uh, I guess I better get on the stick and post some recipes.

    I love the bag!

    I’m so glad you had fun! And it is a joy to see you sooooo happy! I wuv you!

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