Arrrrrrrrrrrrent Ye Jealous?

Today, I am SUPER SALLY!!!

I get free movies online from Netflix.  That is to say, I can watch them at home on my pc without waiting for a  disc.  And I’ve been trying to watch “The Italian Job” for like, ever.  But something was wrong.  Very, very wrong.

But not any more.  I FIXED IT!  I figured out how to uninstall my video card and then re-install it with the new drivers.

It works perfectly!

Now I have less than 24 hours before my date with Jack and Gwen, so I simply must go and put on my cannibal eyes and leave you all here to bask in my technological glory.



One thought on “Arrrrrrrrrrrrent Ye Jealous?

  1. Congrats. I love fixing stuff. Give you that warm and fuzzy feeling inside, doesn’t it?

    Use those talents for good, not evil, my friend!

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