What’s Up?

I haven’t had much to say.  I sit here for a few minutes every day, hoping for something to write, but nothing comes out.  Which is surprising considering that I’ve been pretty well occupied and surely something would have happened that would be amusing to share!

But, no.  It hasn’t.


5 thoughts on “What’s Up?

  1. Well, I have something to say.

    You and I have a date with Captain Jack on Saturday at 3:25!

    He won’t mind G and B coming along, ya think?

  2. Haha, darlin’, you DO NOT have to worry about me. I’ve seen it. (Older sisters…the most important things you’ll EVER learn, you learn from them!) And I’m not thinking about doing that for a very long time.

    But you remember when you were a teenager…sex was like, a thought you had every 12 seconds or something. THANK GOD it’ll pass, haha.

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