The Final Countdown

Once again, I am going to hell.  I’ve known for probably a good 3 weeks that I would be teaching in RS tomorrow and I have not prepared at all.

Ok, I shouldn’t say at all because I did read the lesson over about a week ago.  And despite the fact that we have multiple copies of the manual, I haven’t been able to find one since that reading!  And just as I’m getting ready to turn in for the night, !!!!  A lightbulb goes on.

“You’re not ready yet, stupid!”

Oh, crap.

“Look on the internet.  I bet you money that somebody has something put together that will get you going.”

And sure enough, someone has!  And I must be the biggest loser ever because as I’m writing a little note of gratitude, that Elton John song, “Someone Saved My Life Tonight”, keeps going through my head.  I HATE THAT SONG!!!


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