Sunshine In A Jar

I’m making strawberry jam today.  As soon as the dishwasher is done sterilizing my jars.  The perfect storm occured making it all possible!

  • Perfectly red, perfectly fragrant and perfectly sweet strawberries from my newly discovered strawberry stand.
  • Kitchen is spotless.
  • The mood has stricken!

 I haven’t made jam for at least two years now.  I’ve bought the strawberries.  I’ve bought the jars and pectin.  But I just couldn’t do it.  Now I’m ready.  Now I’ve got the muse again.

It helps I have my own full-on freezer as well to store this jelled-gold in as well.  Oooh…. speaking of gold, I wish I had some edible gold powder to put in it to give it that lip-gloss look!


2 thoughts on “Sunshine In A Jar

  1. I love the idea of edible gold powder in the jam. That is the only thing that could possibly make it any more special!

    I haven’t made any jam yet this year … maybe next week.

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