Domestic Goddess Strikes Again!

Today I cleaned & vacuumed the living room, cleaned the kitchen and did the dishes, vacuumed the hallway and made strawberry jam.  I also made everyone a nice, healthy lunch, and we have a FANTASTIC dinner on the menu.  Teryiaki-lime carne asada kebabs with lemon orzo salad.  I have Enrichment tonight, which they will be serving sub sandwiches at, but I think I’ll eat before I go.  My dinner sounds much better, no?

I REALLY wish I had my tub of quilting tacks so I could throw a couple of quilts on this afternoon, but they remain elusive.  I guess I’ll just have to finish sewing on B’s patches to his scout shirt!

 My friend, S, was over and so I had to show her the jar of dilly beans I’d made a few years ago.  They’re so pretty… I really should make them again, except for the giant pain in the butt that they are to make.  You have to have perfectly straight beans and they have to be the right size to fit in the jar, blah blah blah… plus I want to get a new kind of steam canner so I don’t have to boil gallons upon gallons of water for a water bath.  I’m thinking of making corn relish, too.  I love to give it away, but since it’s so much work and for only a few jars, I hate to eat it!  And then since I don’t eat it, I forget what you would eat it with.  Thus, the vicious cycle starts…

Ok.  I have to go find something else domestic to do.

Oh, did I mention that these strawberries were picked YESTERDAY MORNING???  How fresh is that?


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