Stealing From Oprah

If I kept one of those gratitude journals that Oprah used to talk about, this is what I would have entered in for today:


“Dear Gratitude Journal,

My sister-in-law is really great.  Even though I pretty well went postal on her last summer, she continues to love and support me without fear that I might have a nuclear meltdown right on her front porch.  Figuratively speaking, of course, since we live in two different states with one in between us.

She is really smart and well-educated, and has way more patience than I do to learn all that stuff that she shares with me.

I hope she knows how much I love her.”


Hey, I guess Oprah is good for something after all!


2 thoughts on “Stealing From Oprah

  1. If we’re going to steal from Oprah, let’s steal a heckuva lot more than a journal. If she’s all give and share, I’m sure she won’t mind.

    I’m glad you have a super SIL!

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