Yes Deposit, No Return

In case anybody was wondering, we will in fact NOT be getting our deposit back, if and when we ever move from this rathole.  I called for some long overdue maintenance requests just now, and boy…. this is one office chick I am not a fan of. 

We, apparently, have made the grave mistake of not only having small children, but of letting them live life as children.  So when they busted the screen out of their bedroom window for the Nth time last fall, I said to myself, “Oh don’t worry about that now since it’s going to be winter and they don’t need a screen.  You can just have good ol’ Gg pop in a new one next spring”.  They’ve done it before, it’s never been a problem, and now they want FIFTY SMACKERS to replace it!  For a freaking window screen???

Yeah, I seriously doubt we’ll be getting our deposit back.  And just in case they think they can charge us for having to replace this ratty carpet that should’ve been replaced before we moved in, I’ve got some liar friends (oops, I meant lawyer!) who can tell them otherwise.

2 thoughts on “Yes Deposit, No Return

  1. That is what I hate about renting … I have this mindset that I am not responsible for certain things and so they just don’t get done, and then it turns out that I am in fact responsible for them.

    I found a new dream house … plan. Sigh, maybe I can build it when I am too old to enjoy it.

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