Now That’s Just Wrong…

I just don’t have it in me to write lately.  I keep thinking of these fabulous posts, and then *POOF*, they disappear!  Which is really irritating, because I know you’re all dying to hear what’s going on in and out of my head.

Mostly I’ve been stressing about getting ready for B’s baptism on Saturday.  My family is going to be here and at first I was just feeling the love like I never had before about it, but now I’m like, “Damn, I’m still fat!  They’re just going to be disappointed in me again!”.  Which isn’t entirely true, but no amount of medication is going to change how I think about that.

I have such a raging headache from not sleeping for the past few days, you’d think I’d be crawling into bed right about now.  Or two hours ago, whatever.  But Honey’s away for a friend’s wedding and there’s no one here to force me to go to bed.  You know how they say “who you are is how you act when no one is looking”?  Yeah.  I guess this non-sleeping business doesn’t speak too well of me.

Ok, now I really am just babbling and avoiding going to bed.  So I really have to.



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