Earth Day Every Day

They say it’s Earth Day on Sunday.  I say, hogwash.  I remember celebrating it on April 20th when I was in 9th grade.  Boy, was I an environment nerd then!  It’s funny to look back and remember the causes that we were so passionate about in our youth.  But I was bright-eyed and bushy tailed then and I was brainwashed into thinking I had to suffer for saving the world.

Now that I’m a grown-up (HA!) I’m smarter about it.  I know what the realities are.  I know that I can’t save everything.  It doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try, but I need to pick a few good causes and give it all I’ve got.  Or something like that.  🙂

So my passion now is recycling.  I’m not a full-fledged eco-freak.  I don’t ask for my burger in a wrapper instead of a styrofoam container anymore.  Mostly because they don’t use it now, but also because these days just about everything is recyclable!  I use my own sacks for grocery shopping.  No more “paper or plastic?” for me!  And I’ve finally remembered to keep them in the car with me so I actually can use them instead of just being proud of them.

And even though my apartment complex is completely non-interested in carrying out a recycling program here, I do it anyway.  I bought these neato blue bins to put my paper, plastic & cans in.  And we hunt down a green bin in the industrial area of town and dump it all in.  Except for the CRV stuff, I paid that money and I’m getting it back!

We also take our electronic waste to be recycled at the dump.  It’s free, so why not?  I know it looks unattractive sitting next to my door waiting for me to skip over there, but I like to conserve gas and wait until I have a few things to take over.  

I also bought those horrid compact fluorescents (which do not shine as brightly no matter what they tell you!) and I’m still the light police.  Our PC and extra freezer are energy star appliances, and one day when I win the lottery, my new fridge will be too!

It’s not hard or inconvenient to do any of it.  If you ask me, the real “Inconvenient Truth” is that making these small changes is easier than people want to admit. 


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