I obviously have a looooong way to go with self-esteem.  I read somewhere about a friend possibly visiting with another friend, and I was crushed.  But I must be getting better because a moment after instantly, the thought popped into my head:  “You are not everybody’s best friend!!!  People are allowed to have other friends besides you!!!” 

It’s still hard to swallow that, but the not-so-old me would have just died and questioned what I could do to make that person like me better than the other friend.  Now, I know that other people can be as equally cool as me, and that’s probably why my friends are friends with them.  (But I’m still the coolest, right?)

 I don’t know why I haven’t written longer, more “interesting” posts (ha, ha!).  I haven’t really had anything to say.  I’m trying to not be so negative.  It’s not that I’m never postitive, I really am, but I talk about the negative stuff more.

We learned how to play this new game today.  Actually, it’s not new.  I think we got it two Christmases ago, but I was too scared to learn how to play it because what if it was really complicated?  I feel like a moron now for having waited so long.  It is WAY fun, and WAY addicting!!

I guess I should get to bed now.  I meant to awhile ago, but you know how it is.  You get online for one thing only and then you remember nine million other things you need to look up!


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