Whining Really Does Help!

I’ve noticed that my colds are significantly shorter than other people’s.  I’m convinced it’s because there is no shortage of whining about it on my part and also the fact that I think I’ve digested every cough, cold & allergy medicine known to man within 4 hours of eachother.  That’s a different remedy every 4-6 hours if you’re bad at math like me.  It might also have been helped by the drinking of 3-4 water bottles every 90 minutes of my waking hours.

Look at it and decide for yourself:  It started on Monday in the middle of the day.  It peaked on Wednesday.  It’s Friday morning, and I’m 99% cured.  Just a few coughs & nose-blows here and there.

You’re welcome to follow my path for the cure to your cold, but I don’t think it will work for you.  It’s customized to the specific decible levels and length of my whine, but I’m sure with a little tinkering you’ll be well on your way to a cure of your own!


One thought on “Whining Really Does Help!

  1. Haha. Yeah, that’s not usually the situation with me. I hate any sort of medication, so my colds are usually strung out among two weeks.

    Can’t help it. I’m stubborn.

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