Bring Out Yer Dead!

Remember that part in Monty Python and the Holy Grail where they’re piling dead bodies from the black plague into wheelbarrows and carting them away, while crying out “Bring out yer dead!”?  And the one guy says “I’m not dead yet!”?

 I feel like that.  Except worse.  Stupid cooties.  Why can’t I be sick during the sick season?  Why do I have to get colds during spring and summer when it’s nice outside?  Why can’t I quench my thirst even though I’ve been drinking so much water it feels like I may as well have IV fluids hooked up to me???

 Oy.  I’d better feel better after today.  I’m already over my allotted 2 sick days.  Nobody wants it to get uglier than it already is, TRUST ME.


In other news… see that photo at the top?  The one of the orange and yellow flowers?  I took that!!  That’s my picture!  Well, part of my picture anyway.  It was so big I had to crop it.  Don’t I rock?  Of course I do!  Why would you even let yourself ask you that question??

I need to go suck up some more fluids now.  I don’t think I’m quite ready to float away with Noah yet.


3 thoughts on “Bring Out Yer Dead!

  1. Oh man. I’m so sorry you’re sick. Feel better soon. I want to play hooky and kidnap you for a pedicure. Maybe one day next week.

    I love the gallardia. How in the heck do you spell that word? Anyway they remind me of SUNSHINE!

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