Ten On Tuesday – 10 Things I Hate Doing

  1. Cleaning anything with poop on it.  Do I need to say more?
  2. Flying.  I used to love to.  Now I find that it messes with me.  Messes up my time, messes up my juju, it’s just not right!  Plus, there’s that whole lack of leg room thing.
  3. Shaving.  I always miss a spot.  No matter how many times I triple-check everything, I miss a spot.
  4. Using public bathrooms.  Fortunately, God has blessed me with an unusually large/strong bladder and I can hold it for HOURS if needed to avoid a public potty!
  5. Touching raw meat.  Even with gloves on.  If I can’t stick a fork in it to plop it wherever it’s getting cooked, fuggettaboutit.
  6. Taking baths.  I mean, seriously!  How are you supposed to get clean if you are now wallowing in a pool of water filled with the dirt and crud you just “washed” off of you???
  7. Folding & putting away the laundry.  Wash & dry?  Yes.  I’m all over that.  What comes after?  No.  Good thing I don’t do the laundry here!  I mean, I would if we had our own machines, but I can’t be bothered to do it way over at the laundry room.  Especially since it went from being open 24 hours to being open only from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. thanks to some little cleptos who break in and steal all the money from the machines.
  8. Driving somewhere beautiful.  I’d rather be the passenger.  I almost killed us driving off a cliff once when we drove from San Jose to Oregon on Hwy 101.
  9. Speaking Spanish to latinos.  I’m terrible at it.  It’s so embarassing.  If it’s just for my kids, no problem.  They think I’m a genius.
  10. Cooking for people who don’t love food.  There’s so much passion involved, and if they don’t feel it, if they don’t love it, well, they’re getting Kraft Mac n’ Cheese.

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