Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin’!

Good morning!!  It’s beautiful!!  The sun is shining, the sky is blue, the clouds are large and fluffy!  Everything is richer in color and sweeter in smell.  The almond trees are starting to lose their bloom and make way for the budding leaves, and I’m going garage sale-ing!  I’ve been collecting plants to put into my garden today, and on my way home from Lowe’s I passed an estate sale.  So of course, estate = REALLY GOOD STUFF.  Usually, anyway.  This one was the biggest load of crap (and possibly stolen goods!) I’d ever seen.  Boxes and boxes and shelves and shelves full of Hot Wheels, Star Wars figures, sports action figures and cards, all manner of old VCRs and televisions, and a cruddy-looking, dust-covered walnut table.  Not a dining table, not a side table, not a coffee table, just… a table.  A table that, when given some love and furniture polish would end up looking fan-freakin’-tastic in my living room!  It was marked $25.  A steal, to be sure.  But I wasn’t paying it.  I offered $10.  They said no.  I really wanted it so I said $15.  The chick consulted the dude in charge, and it was MINE.  Along with a vintage Star Wars poster from the dollar barn.  (Did I mention it’s going to be in the mid-70’s for the next four days??)


Enjoy the day, my pretties!


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