Blank Stare

I need something fun to write about.  I feel like I have something just Mexican jumping bean inside me and it can’t get out!!

I’ve had a very fulfilling weekend.  Even though I was far from being prepared for church yesterday, I really did not want to wuss out about going, so I went!  I used to just stay home whenever I felt like it.  But now I feel drawn there.  I don’t want to miss anyone or anything.  What if someone says something I need to hear, and I didn’t because I was worried about how my hair looked since I didn’t have time to shower?

As we were leaving, one of the sisters asked me if I’d lost some weight.  I had to get the jack out to pick up my jaw off the ground because NO, I have not lost any weight.  I’m on a steady maintaining phase right now.  Although according to all those calorie calculators, I am only eating about half to two-thirds of what it says I need to maintain (which I am not trying to do, btw) my current weight and yet… I STILL HAVEN’T LOST ANY!!!  Lies, I tell you.  They are all lies!!

What else, what else… ???

I don’t know.  I guess I just don’t have it in me today.


2 thoughts on “Blank Stare

  1. Thanks for the www. site. It was easy to go to. I think family history and working on PAF is the best!!! You ought to try it and post some of the things you find out about your family. Some are funny other sad and others family secrets.
    It is a huge game that never ends and keeps you busy.

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