Ain’t Misbehavin’

So sorry if I gave the impression I had something big to say.  I don’t.  I just feel like I have words bouncing off my innards trying to get out onto the screen.  I don’t know what they are, I just feel them there.

You know, when I started all this blogging stuff it was just me and my pipe dream.  You know how there’s some blogs out there that are just SO mundane and yet people are fascinated by them?  I wanted it to be me they were fascinated by.  Except I’m obviously very entertaining and nowhere near boring, so I didn’t make the cut.  Present company not included, of course!

Then there was a middle phase of the writing.  It must not have been long because I can only remember that it occured, not the content.

Now here we are today, in the beginning of the almost first half of the start of the prime of my life.  I write because it’s fun.  I write because I amuse myself.  I like the sound of my voice (because that’s what I hear in my head when I’m typing, you know).  I think I’ve shied away from hot topics because I don’t want to sound like a moron, but I guess I can’t hide what I am so maybe I will bring that back to the table.  I’m scared of writing it not because I don’t want to offend (I’m the anti-PC police) but because I really suck at expressing what’s in my head and sometimes only half of it makes it out and makes me sound like I’m Britney’s twin.

Allllllllrighty then.  Honey had to go to Wally World tonight.  He claims he somehow came into a gift card.  I’m considering divorce.  Those are valid grounds for it in California, right?  I have to go to bed now.  I only have 13 1/2 hours left to read 5 pages of homework (ok, so I wasn’t quite done on Saturday.  Blame it on the altitude…) for tomorrow night’s class.  Except when you read this it will be tonight’s class.  You’re smart, you can figure it out.  Ok.  I’m going.  Good night then.  Night.  Nighty-night.  Sweet dreams.  God Bless.  Sleep tight.  Rock-a-bye your bear.  Bye-bye.  Buh-bye now. 

Will you go already??  I’m really tired!!


One thought on “Ain’t Misbehavin’

  1. LOL… I’m here to listen. We don’t have to agree, no one agrees on everything. May be people have to agree to disagree sometimes. It’s all good in the hood. And yeah, I’m back on the meds.

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