After All

I should’ve known I didn’t really have to be there at 7:00 a.m.  I mean, we do operate on Mormon Standard Time, do we not?  I COULD’VE SLEPT IN AN EXTRA HOUR!!!

And that’s my only complaint.

The drive was nice when I didn’t have kidlins in the back bugging me about the potty every 50 miles.  And we actually went as far as the lake!  Ok, not right to the lake, but pretty much.  You could see it from the road, and I’m not talking about the kind of “beachview” that gets advertised on homes 15 miles from the beach with a verrrrrrrrry faint sliver of water view.

It was cold, but warmer than I expected.  It was dry so I didn’t need the chains (thank goodness!!!), and they fed us wonderful chili for lunch.  And, I got my homework for next week done!

I have to go rest now.  My feet need thawing out.


3 thoughts on “After All

  1. Well, my sister just woke up late and went to work later. She only goes to school until fourth period every day, so it wasn’t too different from her daily schedule.

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