Suicidal Tendencies

I have a confession to make.  I’ve been smoking crack.  And weed.  And Lysol Disinfecting Wipes.  I’m sure there’s something else too, but I’m so out of it I can’t remember.  I’m sure you’re probably thinking to yourself, “She’s out of her mind, there’s no way she’s doing all that!!”

You might be right, but what else could explain me volunteering to go with the youth from our ward for a snow day at Lake Tahoe?  I mean, seriously??  WHY ELSE would I volunteer to do something like that?!?!?!?!

I DON’T OWN ANY SNOW CLOTHING!  No gloves, no hat, nothing stronger than my Reeboks, nothing warmer than my Old Navy hoodie, what am I going to do?!?!?

I don’t have to play in the snow with them, right?  I can just sit in my car with a blanket or ten and my hot chocolate?


One thought on “Suicidal Tendencies

  1. Oooo…I feel your pain! I just received a letter from The Bear’s school telling me, “Congratulations! You have been selected to chaparone the Kindergarten’s trip to the Farm!”

    Congratulations indeed. Crap.

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