15 Minutes

I had a paper due yesterday.  Want to know when I wrote it?  Fifteen minutes before I had to leave for class.  It’s supposed to be 1-2 pages, I got half of one.  Think I’ll get a good grade?

I had to read 50 pages of a sacred text.  So I read Surahs 9-15 of the Qur’an.  (insert blank stare here)

I didn’t understand one ding-dangledy word of it.  Lots of ways to tick off Allah, some stories I recognized from the Hebrew Bible (a.k.a. the Old Testament), and that was about it.  I was supposed to answer the questions:

1.  What does the sacred text reveal about how people associate with their god or gods?

2.  What does the sacred text say about a spirit world or afterlife?

Umm…. yeah.  Didn’t find any answers to those questions.  So I said that.

Some credit is better than no credit, right?


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