DVD Review

We have netflix.  We LOVE netflix.  I gave the boys their own queue.  The latest?  “High School Musical”.  (Ok, yes.  I’m the one that made up their queue, but they also ask to add movies to it.)

I CAN’T GET MY HEAD OUT OF THE GAME!  This is one of the corniest and cheesiest family movies I’ve seen in awhile, but I think that’s what makes it so perfect.  I’m sure that’s the exact reason it’s been so successful, even with the boys.  Catchy songs, characters everyone recognizes in their own lives, maybe even someone they see as themselves.

It has a great message for the kiddies, set on a stage similar to their own lives so they’ll actually get that message.  I can’t wait to see what the Disney Channel comes up with next that’s as good as this.  I wonder how long it will take?


3 thoughts on “DVD Review

  1. My boys loved this one, too … especially “Get your head in the game!” I am thinking it might have to make its way into the Easter baskets along with Flushed Away if it is out by then …

  2. I’m so glad another adult sees value in that movie! My girls borrowed a neighbor’s copy and I saw just a piece of it and went and bought it the next day! I know it’s completely cheesy but I swear there was a person in my high school to match every character exactly!

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