Not Scared

So, Honey’s gone for the weekend.  Grandma died Tuesday morning so he and B went to UT for the funeral.  I’m home with S and little D, and amazingly I’m not completely wigged out by it.  I think I might be allergic to motherhood, though.  My arms are breaking out in a rash!

I’m actually glad he’s gone, because I have a LOT of work to do that I can guarantee you I wouldn’t have done if he were home this weekend.  Those men are such a distraction!

I’ve got a house to clean (I want to surprise him but not give him a heart attack.  Do you know that he actually mentioned during a talk in Sacrament Meeting that I am not the world’s best housekeeper?  You could hear the massive intake of breath all at once.  People came up to me after, even some of the men, and acknowledge how big his faux pas was.  Kinda funny…), a paper to write, LOADS of reading to catch up on for my course I’m taking, and I have to entertain the kidlins and feed them food I normally wouldn’t to get them to comply while Daddy’s gone.

So what am I doing here instead?  Just taking a moment to remember how not scared I am to do it all alone.  I know it’s only for a couple of days, but that’s huge in my playbook.



6 thoughts on “Not Scared

  1. Have a fun, man free weekend! Dave would never hear the end of it if he critiqued my housekeeping skills in Sacrament Meeting. I Would have probably thrown something at him!!

  2. Oh, I was quite livid. I was sitting in the foyer with the kids because they would NOT leave him alone if we’d all been in the chapel and when I heard him saying it I was like, “WHAT THE EFF DID YOU JUST SAY!?!?!” Massive humiliation. He totally didn’t mean it the way it sounded, I know he was just trying to use it as an example for something else, but I felt totally betrayed. Until after I relayed to him how NOT smart that was.

  3. Lol that would ROCK. If my family would cooperate when I get the last book, then that would absolutely redeem them of all the annoyance they’ve caused in the past. 😛 But I highly doubt they’d do that.

    For #6, I got it at midnight on Friday night, and read it until 7pm Saturday night. And man, was I exhausted!! I think I slept for like 16 hours straight after that one, lol.

  4. Sooooo … how is it going?

    I actually hate it when G is gone. Because. you know, I am REALLY not the world’s best housekeeper. But he is, and thus our house stays presentable and sanitary when he is around. When he is gone, not so much.

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